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Best Time to Snowshoe in Lake Tahoe

Updated: May 10

Winter Wonderland Snowshoeing Adventure

Trips to Lake Tahoe don’t have to end when winter and snowfall arrive! With the Sierra Nevada mountains covered in sparkling white powder, there’s so much natural beauty to experience during this time of year. For many adventure-seekers, November through April is a great time to throw on snowshoes and head for the trails! This low-impact exercise is great for group outings with family and friends of all ages – allowing you to take in the scenic views as you travel to unique locations.

Join Snowshoe Tahoe

Here at Snowshoe Tahoe, we pride ourselves on providing our guests with incredible experiences and lifelong memories. We are a family-run business that values the importance of integrity, safety, and fun! Our team of professionals are equipped with years of knowledge and first-hand wildlife encounters during these cold months. Adventure off on your own or join our guided tours to travel to new heights and access forests of fresh snow. We currently offer:

Winter Hiking Attire

Since temperatures can drop significantly, it’s important to be wearing the appropriate winter hiking attire. First and foremost, always check the weather forecast before heading out. This ensures you’re best prepared and aware of any obstacles that may arise due to rain and blizzards. For maximum warmth and comfort from frigid winds and the bright sun, we recommend:

  • Layering undergarments – a base layer, mid layer, and shell

  • Water-wicking jacket and pants

  • Thick wool, fleece, or polyester socks

  • Waterproof, ankle-high, insulated snow-boots or hiking boots

  • Wool caps and beanies

  • Baseball caps and sunglasses

  • Water-resistant gloves

  • Hand warmers and neck gaiters

On guided hikes, each guest is provided with snowshoes and poles. For self-guided tours on the Palisades Loops trail network, we have 3-hour rentals available for a reasonable price. Check out our Snowshoe Rentals and FAQ for more detailed information. For any additional questions or concerns you may have, feel free to call us directly at (530) 536-0608 or email

Local Tahoe Wildlife in Winter

Whether you’re traveling to the North Shore, South Shore, or Incline Village, Lake Tahoe has numerous trails for beginners and experts alike. Many people enjoy snowshoeing for the natural landscapes they get to navigate, the stunning views you get to see, and the critters that make an appearance every so often.

Despite the low temperatures, there is local Tahoe wildlife in Winter. From Snowshoe Hares and Coyotes to Bobcats and Flying Squirrels, there are several types of animals you can see while snowshoeing. Schedule your tour today for a chance to track, watch, and photograph the creatures who are out during this season. As always, leave no trace!

Lady Prepared For Snowshoeing Adventure

Book Us Today!

Snowshoe hiking is an amazing way to explore Lake Tahoe during the cold, snowy months. This affordable outing is magical, peaceful, and invigorating. Depending on the forecast, it’s an activity that is available all throughout the season. Keep in mind that the best time to snowshoe in Lake Tahoe is after fresh snowfall. If you’re seeking an outdoor adventure like no other, then look no further! Book us today for your next snowshoe excursion.


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