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Animals You Can See While Snowshoeing in Tahoe

Snowshoeing in Tahoe

Tahoe’s diverse natural landscape is full of beautiful views and exciting experiences. During the colder Winter months, it can be tempting to stay inside and avoid any outings. However, snowshoe hiking is a great form of exercise that allows you to get outdoors and witness the beauty of nature firsthand! Each trip provides the chance to see wildlife in their natural habitat.

Wildlife in Lake Tahoe


During the Winter, many animals hibernate until Spring. However, there is wildlife in Lake Tahoe that remains active during the low temps. While ground squirrels go into hibernation, tree squirrels and flying squirrels emerge to continuously look for food. Other animals you can see while snowshoeing are:

●        Rabbits

●        Coyotes

●        Bobcats

●        Foxes

●        Weasels

●        Birds

●        Mice

While there is a chance you’ll come across more predatory creatures, you’re more than likely to be greeted by small, sweet white-tailed jackrabbits, snowshoe hares, Nuttall’s cottontail rabbits, and gray foxes. If you’re on a self-guided tour, always keep your eyes out and head on a swivel to ensure your safety. For beginner snow hikers and trackers, we recommend going with a guide for the most optimal experience! Check out our guided tour options now!


Winter Hiking Prep


The best time to snowshoe in Lake Tahoe is after the storms have passed. A combination of fresh powder over old, densely packed snow and calm weather allows for easier tracking and snowshoeing. Temperatures drop quickly in the Sierra Nevada mountains during the Winter, always check trail conditions before heading out for a hike! Depending on how warm it is, dress accordingly. We recommend wearing a base layer, middle layer, and overcoat layer. All items should be waterproof and insulating. Socks and gloves should be wool or polyester to ensure they can wick water and remain warm; avoid cotton. Winter hiking prep involves having the proper resources and wearing appropriate clothing. Having water, snacks, a first aid kit, and warm clothes will ensure your safety and enjoyment throughout your journey. Read through our FAQ page and tour descriptions for additional information.


Snowshoe Guided-Tours


Safety is important while tracking wildlife in nature. If you’re out on a hike without us, always know your surroundings to prevent you from getting lost and disoriented. For first-timers, we recommend our snowshoe guided-tours for the best experience! With us, you’re guaranteed to experience all that Tahoe has to offer in a safe way. Our guides have years of experience tracking wildlife in this region of California. They’ll take you to all the best places to track, including quiet meadow edges, flowing creeks, and striking ridge tops. Through their navigation and narration, you’ll learn how animal tracks tell a story – whether they were hunting, being hunted, etc. See two different animal prints walking side-by-side? Come up with your own story!

Full Moon Snowshoe Tour


Book Your Tour Today!


As a family-friendly business, we provide excitement and fun for people of all ages. Snowshoeing is the perfect way to experience Tahoe’s natural landscape and wildlife. Whether you’re seeking the opportunity to photograph the animals you see or simply learn how to track, our tours let you do it all, no matter what time of day. Wanting to hike under the moonlight? We offer that. Want to hike at sunrise or sunset? That’s available too! With us here at Snowshoe Tahoe, you’ll make memories to last a lifetime. Visit or contact us directly to book your tour today!


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