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Dog Friendly Snowshoe Hikes In Lake Tahoe

​Dog Friendly Snowshoe Hikes In Lake Tahoe

All of our snowshoeing hiking trails are dog friendly because we love to bring our dogs on snowshoe hikes in Lake Tahoe. We encourage you to bring your dog on a snowshoe hike this winter with us. Our Bernese Mountain Dog Rusty with owner Pauly is a common addition to many of our hikes.

Things to consider before your dog hikes in Lake Tahoe!

All dogs are of different sizes, athletic abilities, fur types, and ages. How they perform in the snow varies differently. We recommend that dogs are 30lbs+ to attend these types of adventures as well as have the energy to be out and about for up to 3 hours of activity.


Snow Conditions

  • Snow conditions vary tremendously throughout the winter. Fresh snow from a snowstorm is much deeper and more difficult for dogs to travel through than hardpack snow which is typically found days or weeks after the initial storm. Checking on the weather and snow forecast is important in deciding whether the conditions are appropriate for the dogs to join. We have found that most athletic dogs typically have no problem in all snow conditions.

Size of dog/ weight/ Fitness Level and Age

  • We recommend dogs be 30 lbs or more to join our snowshoe tours.

  • Fitness and age vary on all dogs. For our longest hike, would the dog be able to be out for 3 hours, 3 miles, and 800’ of elevation gain?

Type of Fur for Fresh Snow

  • Long dog hair and fine fur can collect snow easily in fresh snow creating snowballs and extra weight for the dog to carry.

Dog Booties or shoes

  • These are great additions if the dog is previously used to walking in dog booties with booties that attach to their feet securely. If dogs have never worn them before we do not recommend this be their first time trying booties. Most of the time boots come off littering Tahoe National Forest as well the dogs have a hard time adjusting to the snow and the boots together. 


Water on the trail​

  • Since snowshoeing takes place in winter months, water sources are typically frozen and not available for dogs to drink on the trail. Hikes are typically 1.5- 3 hours in length so dogs usually do just fine if no water is available for that time. We do recommend however bringing a little bit of water and a dish for the dogs to drink from. 

Off Leash/ On Leash

  • Off-leash dog hikes in Lake Tahoe are the best. We allow you to make the decision to have your dog on or off a leash on our snowshoeing adventures! Our trails go through uninterrupted Tahoe National Forest on private secluded trails with plenty of room for dogs to run free. Seeing another group of people is highly unlikely so we encourage off-leash dogs if your dogs are mindful and comfortable.


Dog doo-doo

Please bring doggie clean-up bags and carry out any poop that may occur on the trail.


You know your dogs best and if you think they can join bring them along! If you are concerned with your dog's ability to join on a dog-friendly snowshoe hike and snowshoeing adventure. We recommend taking the dog for a small walk a day or two prior to your snowshoeing day with us, and see how they perform in the snow conditions. 

Call us if you have any questions or concerns about bringing your dog with you!

Dog & Children Enjoying Snow
Off-leash dog hikes in Lake Tahoe

This hike was our families first time Snowshoeing and ended up being our absolute favorite activity in Tahoe! An absolute must!

Brenda (Dec 2021)

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