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Sunset Snowshoe Hike 

Experience the Magic of Sunset Snowshoeing: A Family-Friendly Adventure

Sunset Snowshoe Tour

Embark on a magical journey as you explore the winter wonderland of Lake Tahoe with our expert-guided Sunset Snowshoe Hike. Ideal for families and those seeking a unique winter adventure, this enchanting experience takes you to a prominent overlook 500 feet in elevation, where you'll witness the breathtaking alpenglow over Palisades Tahoe.

 $90.00 per person

(Highly recommended that kids are 10 and up)

⌛ Tour Times: 4:00pm

🚗 Meeting Location: 2456 River Road, Tahoe City CA 96145
🚶 Hike Distance: up to 2 miles roundtrip

⏰ Duration: Approximately 1-2 hours

⛰️ Elevation Gain: Roughly 200 - 500 feet depending on group

🌅 Scenic Views: Sierra Crest, Alpine Meadows, Tahoe National Forest, Alpenglow over Palisades Tahoe

🎿 Equipment: Snowshoes and poles are provided.

🚀 Experience Level: No experience necessary; perfect for first-timers.

🌲 Terrain: Beginner hills to beautiful views
👥 Group Size: We try to keep groups 8-10 people Max
😊 Private Tours: Private Tours are available to book at checkout

Guided Sunset Snowshoe Hike: A Mesmerizing Winter Escape

Our adventure begins with equipment gathering and a brief introduction as the sun begins its descent. Before we hit the trail, ensuring everyone is ready for a memorable experience in the changing hues of the evening sky. The first half of our excursion involves a leisurely ascent, allowing you to soak in the serene beauty of the Tahoe National Forest as the sun bathes the landscape in warm, golden tones.

Winter Wonderland Exploration: From Meadows to Mountain Vistas

As we ascend, encounter peaceful open meadows blanketed in snow, where the reflective light from snow crystals dances with every step. Climbing our way 500' up to an overlook to take in the breathtaking views of the surrounding area and the ski resorts of Palisades Tahoe, now bathed in the soft hues of alpenglow. This Sunset Snowshoe Hike provides the perfect opportunity to witness the Sierra Nevada mountains transform under the magical glow of the setting sun.

Secluded Adventure: Step Off the Beaten Path

Thanks to our private winter trail, encountering another person is highly unlikely, allowing you to enjoy the tranquility of nature undisturbed. Step off the beaten path and let us guide you on a true mountain outing that will create lasting memories for the whole family.

Sunset Delight for All Ages

This family-friendly snowshoe hike is designed for participants aged 10 and up, offering a delightful introduction to the joys of winter exploration with a stunning sunset backdrop. Share laughter, exploration, and a deep connection with the winter landscape as you create memories against the canvas of Lake Tahoe's snowy landscapes.

Book Your Sunset Snowshoe Tour: A Winter Wonderland Awaits

Don't miss out on this opportunity to witness the wonders of alpenglow and snowshoeing in Lake Tahoe. Join us for a sunset adventure that promises awe-inspiring views, exploration, and a deep connection with the winter landscape. Secure your spot now and let the snowy landscapes of Lake Tahoe become the canvas for your family's winter memories!

Guided Sunset Snowshoe Hike
Sunset Hike over Lake Tahoe
Golden Hour Snowshoeing in Lake Tahoe

Trip Planning for Sunset Snowshoe Tour


  • Double check the meeting location, meet time, driving directions and snow conditions. Give yourself ample time to arrive on time. Winter months tend to have slower traffic as well as slippery roads. It is Important that guests arrive on time. Please notify office if you believe you are running behind. 


  • Ensure you are bringing all necessary items for hike (check pack list below). As well leave non- essentials behind or in the car. Snowshoe Tahoe is not responsible for lost or damaged items while out for the duration of the hike.

  • Use restroom before leaving home, No restroom facility is available at the meeting location.

* Pump yourself up!!! Your about to explore Tahoe’s National Forest!!!

Where We Meet For Snowshoeing

map of meeting location
2456 River Road, Tahoe City CA 96145
  • Use caution pulling in of of the busy highway

  • Ample parking in our area for everyone in your group.

meeting location

Detailed Packing List and Itinerary

Detailed Packing List and Itinerary

Absolutely magical experience! We have never done anything that has compared this. Very Unique

Robb (Nov 2021)

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