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Guided Snowshoe hikes in Beautiful Lake Tahoe

Experience the Breathtaking Natural Beauty of Tahoe from New Heights.

Snowshoe Tahoe brings an easier way to experience the sprawling and captivating sunsets of Lake Tahoe. Whether you’re experienced, or someone just looking for an easy and new way to scale the snow blanketed mountains of Tahoe, our fun, safe and family friendly routes and top-quality snowshoe equipment, along our 17 years of guide experience, allows you to take in new peaks of Lake Tahoe’s natural beauty.

We have a wide variety of tour offerings on our private trails, from beginner tours for the whole family, including pets, to self-guided tours that allow you to move at your own pace and take in the secluded splendor of Tahoe. We’ve meticulously selected trails that are Avalanche free zones to provide you with the safest and most captivating tours. We keep up to date with current weather patterns and commit to upkeep on our trails so you can be provided with wilderness bliss.

Guided Snowshoeing Trips OPEN!

Lake Tahoe Snowshoe Tours!
Snowshoes and Professional Guides are Provided!

Our Lake Tahoe guided snowshoe trips are perfect for beginners, first-timers, and well behaved dogs.  Offering  Half Day Snowshoe Hikes, ,Family Friendly ToursFull Moon Snowshoe Tours, and Snowshoe Rentals all of which can be easily accessed from South Lake Tahoe and North Lake Tahoe areas. Snowshoeing is Easy and able for everyone to enjoy. We know that you'll love our piece of winter paradise finding solitude on our snowshoe trails.  

Our Tours

We are the only company to offer sunrise hikes, as well as the splendor of Tahoe sunsets, We offer the following tours:

Chickadee Ridge Beginner Half Day Hike
Beginner and Family Snowshoeing Tour
Snowshoe Rentals
Sunset Beginner Snowshoe Tour
Full Moon Snowshoe Tour under the Stars
Sunrise Snowshoe Hike over Lake Tahoe
Dog Friendly Hikes In Lake Tahoe
Whitewater Rafting Summer Tours

Book Your Next Adventure Today

Being in Tahoe we’re lucky to provide wonderful service and accessible adventure to locals and tourists throughout California, Nevada, and visitors from all over the world. We bring a safe and fun way for the whole family or solo adventurists to hike in the snow and experience the private splendid nature of our trails. Book your next adventure online today, we look forward to seeing you soon!

Safety is Our #1 Priority

Spectacular views in our Avalanche Free zones

Safety takes center stage on all our outdoor snowshoeing adventures! We want to emerse you with a true mountain experience while avoiding hazardous terrain.  Our trail systems are surveyed and selected to ensure your journey is both secure and spectacular. Despite avalanches occasionally occurring in the Tahoe region, fear not – we've meticulously selected trails free from such zones, creating a haven for joyous winter snowshoe adventures. Our commitment to your safety is unwavering; we continually monitor conditions to make the best up to date decisions for an enjoyable experience. Join us on a snowshoe hike, where the magic of winter meets our dedication to providing a secure and thrilling outdoor experience.

Check out our North Lake Tahoe Avalanche Free snowshoe trail 

Snowshoe Tahoe Trail Map

Guided Snowshoeing Tours Daily!

Explore Lake Tahoe's Winter Wonderland

Join us as we explore Lake Tahoe's winter wonderland one step at a time!


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