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Our Story

Snowshoeing Adventure Lake Tahoe

We bring our adventurer’s spirit to everything we’ve ever embarked on and transfer that spirit to every part of our tours at Snowshoe Tahoe. For over 17 years we’ve dedicated ourselves to being professional guides, and we’ve been able to utilize our expertise to craft a private trail network, only accessible from our tours, that displays the relaxing wilderness and exclusive scenery Tahoe has to offer. Peaceful, serene, scenic views, always with your safety in mind, our routes are in avalanche free zones that we scout and maintain through the season, we’re also certified in first response and first aid, creating the peace of mind we know helps your experience and allows you carefree time connecting with nature.

We’re a family operation that understands how hard it can be to find unique experiences away from the maddening crowd of everyday life. We’re able to provide you with an experience and views of Tahoe that we’ve carefully and meticulously crafted so the whole family or just a solo adventurer can bask in untamed vistas. We’ve dedicated our time to carving out a little piece of Nirvana in the rolling hills and peaks of Tahoe. We’ve walked these trails, with our expertly maintained snowshoeing equipment, and timed everything out so when you’re on a Golden Hour trail tour it’s the most Golden. Experience the dawn of a new day from incredible heights with nothing but sprawling forest and the freshest snow. 

Whitewater Rafting

We find snowshoeing to be an easy and accessible experience for most people to traverse the snowy slopes. Not requiring the training of skis or a snowboard, snowshoes allow you an easy entry to traveling the snow-covered peaks and valleys, giving you access to some of the most captivating and beautiful views. 

We’re not just Snowshoeing adventures around the immaculate trails of Tahoe, though. When in season, we offer whitewater rafting tours and commercial fishing charters on Lake Tahoe. We provide our seasoned training and expertise to craft exhilarating experiences on the rafting tours and calming connected experiences with our fishing charters. Whether it’s winter or summer, we offer exclusive ways to bask in the glory of the Tahoe seasons. 

Our intimately designed tours allow you to step outside of the hustle of everyday life and get in tune with the natural bliss of Tahoe. We love what we do, and we love being able to help you craft unforgettable memories with us at Snowshoe Tahoe. 

Please check out Our Tours and book your next adventure online today.

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