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  • What is Snowshoeing? What are the Benefits?
    Snowshoeing has a long history and used for survival, work, and recreational benefits. Check out our "What is Snowshoeing?" page to learn about the sport, the benefits of snowshoeing, as well as how to prepare for snowshoeing! Can snowshoeing be your next favorite activity?
  • Who can go snowshoeing?
    If you can walk, you can snowshoe! All of our trips are suited for first time snowshoers visiting Lake Tahoe. Each snowshoe hike page displays the minimum age recommended for the trip. Each hike however does differ in elevation and time. If you have any questions before you reserve your trip, please contact us for more information.
  • What Equipment is Provided?
    We provide all the equipment for the snowshoeing hike in Lake Tahoe California. Snowshoes, Poles, Headlamps, Snacks, Extra warm layers are all provided on your tour along with a professional guide.
  • What do I need to wear?
    For snowshoeing in Lake Tahoe California we have a pack list for you to review for each of our different trips. They can be found on our website and confirmation emails. The weather changes dramatically throughout the season and can be significantly colder during snowstorms. We encourage our guests to always be prepared with correct layering. We recommend on all our hikes foot wear with high ankles and insulation like snowboots or hiking boots with warm socks. Outer layers are all dependent on weather conditions. Refer to weather reports and our trip planning PDF for appropriate planning.
  • What happens if it is Snowing?
    We run our snowshoe trips while it is snowing and look forward to the snowstorms. Hiking through the forest and mountains during a winter snowstorm is one of our favorite times to be outside. There is magic and stillness to the mountains only experienced while it is snowing and we encourage you to experience it with us. Of course, if driving conditions are treacherous and severe we can reschedule your snowshoe hiking adventure. We are extremely conscientious and well-trained to keep everyone's safety as our number one priority.
  • Can I purchase a gift certificate?
    All of our snowshoeing trips can be purchased as a gift certificate for another person or party. While booking a trip, look for the "Buy Gift Card" button in blue just underneath the "Book Now" button on the check out page. Have the participant call with the order number to our office to reserve there snowshoeing spot!
  • Can our Dog join us snowshoeing?
    Yes, they can and are encouraged to join! Please refer to our dog page for information on dogs and our snowshoeing tours. Please notify us if you plan to bring your dog along on your hike in the reservations.
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    Our cancellation policy is one of the friendliest in the outdoor industry. Our cancellation policy is that is you change or cancel your trip 48 hours in advance that we do not charge and offer a full refund. Within 48 hours we ask for payment in full on the day of the tour.
  • What if it's my first time Snowshoeing, do I need Experience?
    For our Guided Snowshoe hikes there is no experience required for any of our guided hikes. However, we encourage moderate fitness for the longer half Day Hike. Please feel free to call us with any concerns or questions about appropriate hikes for your group.
  • Is snowshoeing safe?
    Our guests’ safety is our number one priority. We will always be completely honest when pairing our guests needs and expectations with the appropriate adventure on a Lake Tahoe Snowshoeing adventure.
  • How many people can go on a Snowshoe Tour?
    We like to keep our tours intimate for the guests and guides while not exceeding 10 hikers. Most of our tours are small on average 4-6. If looking for a private snowshoe hike, a private experience may be booked for an additional charge.
  • My kids are under the age of 7 can they snowshoe also?
    Snowshoeing in Lake Tahoe requires a little more coordination and energy than normal hiking. For beginners and families, we recommend only signing up for our beginner snowshoe adventure. It has just the right amount of terrain for the entire group to have a well-rounded snowshoe experience. For toddlers and babies, previous guests have carried their young ones in a chest or back harness. We allow you to make that call on your own ability level to try this method while snowshoeing on our adventures.
  • Is transportation included?
    You must meet us at the appropriate meeting location described in your confirmation email. For some groups who wish to customize their experience, we may be able to arrange a custom pick-up and drop-off at your location for an extra charge. We always recommend that all our guests visiting Lake Tahoe bring or rent a vehicle that has All Wheel Drive, 4-wheel drive, snow chains, or appropriate snow tires for winter travel. There are so many wonderful things to do in Lake Tahoe that require reliable transportation, especially during winter months.
  • Can I bring alcohol on the snowshoe hike?
    Alcohol is not allowed before or during your outdoor adventure activity. However, on our sunset snowshoe hike over lake Tahoe. If you decide to carry your favorite alcoholic beverages in moderation you may bring it along to enjoy while at sunset.
  • How difficult are the snowshoe hiking adventures?
    Our snowshoeing hikes in Lake Tahoe are all intended for beginners and first-time hikers. Due to the nature of snowshoe hiking in Lake Tahoe exercise is implied and breaking a little sweat will occur. Elevation can also be a factor for those coming from sea level. We offer a variety of trips to choose from, from easy Beginner Snowshoeing to more moderate Half Day adventures. Please call the office to schedule the right trip for you.
  • How much should I tip my guide?
    While gratuities are very much appreciated, snowshoe guiding is just like any other service industry position that relies on gratuities. Like your servers at your favorite restaurant, a typical tip is between 15% and 20%
  • When is the best time to go snowshoeing in Lake Tahoe California?
    Like most seasons there are weather fluctuations, daylight hours, and storm patterns. Our snowshoe season varries each year according to the Sierra Nevada Snow Pack. Typically we have a lower snowpack from November- mid-December, high snowfall December-February, and spring snowmelt with lower snow again from March- April. However, our favorite time to go on a snowshoeing hike is directly after a fresh snowfall!
  • Can I fall down?
    Snowshoe hiking poles are available with every hike to assist in balance and control while Snowshoeing in Tahoe. While walking and hiking on uneven or slippy surfaces there is always a chance of falling or slipping. Luckily snow is soft when fresh and can be much more forgiving.
  • What is Snowshoe Tahoe's safety record?
    Snowshoe Tahoe has an impeccable safety record with a professional guide staff. We place high standards on our guides and equipment. The majority of our Guides far surpass the minimum training requirements and certification levels required by, our regulating agency.
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