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Thank You For Joining!

Thank you so much for joining! We appreciate you supporting our small business!

Our goal is to show you a fantastic day and we hope we accomplished that goal!


Returning guests receive 50% off on their next adventure!

If you joined us on a snowshoe adventure this year receive 50% off of your next trip in the same winter season.

Bring anyone new and they'll receive $10.00 off per person with you. 

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your name on the previous reservation

50% Off
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Positive Reviews Help Us Grow

Please leave our small family-owned business a positive review if you had a wonderful experience!

Positive reviews help small businesses grow and continue to offer outdoor adventures!

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Please Let us Know If you had less than a 5 star experience.  

- We are constantly looking to improve our operation for future guests and want to hear from you. 

- If your experience was not up to your expectation, please let us know directly. We would be happy to right any wrong that may have occurred during your experience with us. 

Please feel free to call us at (530) 536-0608 or fill out the contact form below.

Thank you,   Pauly.   (530) 536-0608

Keep in Touch With Your Guide!

We are so thankful you joined us snowshoeing today. 

Keep in touch on Social Media.  

 Gratuities and tipping are acceptable forms of appreciation.

If you would like to leave your guide a tip their Venmo handle is available next to their name

Thank You again for choosing an adventure with us!

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