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Full Moon Snowshoe Tour Under the Stars

Winter Hike Under a Moonlit & Starry Sky

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On this Full Moon snowshoe tour, we will be immersing ourselves in the forest with the use of snowshoes under the stars and moonlit sky. Without a doubt, snowshoeing through mountain landscapes under a full moon is an unmatched experience. There is stillness, peacefulness, and silence that only exist under the stars, allowing for an opportunity to tap into wilderness unattainable during the day.  


After strapping snowshoes to our boots, we begin our moonlight snowshoe tour walking through the shadows of tall Pine and Fir trees gaining access to large alpine meadows. As we pass through these meadows the night sky above opens allowing piercing moonlight to illuminate the snow. Snow crystals on the surface catch and reflect moonlight creating an ever-changing flickering show of light as we move with each and every step.  


Due to the large meadows and open sky, various constellations can be seen with ease making this one of the best places to star gaze in Lake Tahoe. With a high-powered laser, your snowshoe guides will point these constellations out during an interruptive astrology talk of the night sky above. Find your astrological sign in a constellation with us! 


As we venture back to the vehicles our moonlight snowshoe tour comes to a close. In total, 2 hours will be spent walking roughly 2 miles in distance over beginner snowshoeing terrain. So join us on a unique mountain experience on our guided Full Moon snowshoeing tour and night sky interpretive talk. An experience that you won’t surely forget.


$60 per person
(Recommended for children 7 and older)

Tour Duration - 2-2.5 hours

Tour Times:
7:00pm — 9:00pm
Snowshoes and hiking poles are provided!
Most of our group sizes are small. However, there may be up to 8 people max on our group hikes. 

Page Meadows, Silver Tip Dr,  Tahoe City. 

This hike takes place at Page Meadows in North Lake Tahoe. During snowy and slippery road conditions, 4 wheel drive vehicles with good tires are required to get to our meeting location. 


We love bringing our dogs on hikes! If you have a well-behaved furry friend, we are happy to allow you to bring your dog along with prior notice.

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Absolutely magical experience! We have never done anything that has compared this. Very Unique

Robb (Nov 2021)

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