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Full Moon Snowshoe Tour Under the Stars

Winter Hike Under a Moonlit & Starry Sky

snowshoe under the stars

$90.00 per person | $75.00 Kids under 12 years
(Highly recommended that kids are 8 or older)

⏰ Tour Times: 7:00pm 
🚗  Meeting Location: Page Meadows Parking, Silver Tip Drive, Tahoe City
🚶 Hike Distance: Roughly 2.8 miles roundtrip

 Duration: Approximately 2 hours

⛰️ Elevation Gain: Minimal, Mostly flat terrain

🌅 Scenic Views: Starry sky, constellations, vast meadows, magical mystical nighttime forest.

🎿 Equipment: Snowshoes and poles are provided.

🚀 Experience Level: No experience necessary; perfect for beginners.

🌲 Terrain: Beginner
👥 Group Size: We try to keep groups 8-10 people Max
Private Tours: Private Tours are available to book at checkout

Under the Full Moon's Glow: A Magical Snowshoeing Experience

Step into the enchanting world of moonlit snowshoeing in the heart of Lake Tahoe! Our Full Moon snowshoe tour promises a captivating journey through the serene forest, illuminated by the radiant glow of the full moon. This two-hour adventure offers a perfect blend of tranquility, magical landscapes, and a touch of celestial wonder.

Moonlit Exploration:

As the moon casts its silvery glow upon the snowy terrain, our guided snowshoe tour begins. Traverse through the shadows of tall Pine and Fir trees, immersing yourself in the stillness and peace that only the night sky can offer. With snowshoes strapped to your boots, explore large alpine meadows where the moonlight dances on the glistening snow, creating a mesmerizing flickering show with each step.

Starry Constellations:

Gaze up at the vast night sky and easily spot constellations, thanks to the open meadows and unobstructed views. Our knowledgeable snowshoe guides, equipped with a high-powered laser, will point out these celestial formations during an engaging astrology talk. Discover your astrological sign within the constellations and connect with the cosmos in this unique mountain setting.

Unforgettable Experience:

Concluding the tour after approximately 2 miles of moonlit exploration, our Full Moon snowshoeing adventure offers a night sky interpretive talk that adds a layer of educational delight to your experience. Walk away with memories of a unique mountain journey, where every step under the full moon is a step closer to the mystical beauty of Lake Tahoe at night.

Book Your Full Moon Snowshoe Tour for an Unforgettable Night Sky Adventure:

Don't miss the chance to wander through open meadows, gaze at the constellations, and create lasting memories under the magical moonlit sky. Join us on this extraordinary Full Moon snowshoeing tour and night sky interpretive talk – an experience that promises to leave you awe-inspired. Secure your spot now with the blue booking buttons and let the moonlit landscapes of Lake Tahoe be the backdrop to your next unforgettable adventure! 🌕🏔️

full moon snowshoe
headlamp lit snowshoe adventure
full moon adventures

Trip Planning For Moonlit Snowshoeing 


  • Double check the meeting location, meet time, driving directions and snow conditions. Give yourself ample time to arrive on time. Winter months tend to have slower traffic as well as slippery roads. It is Important that guests arrive on time. Please notify office if you believe you are running behind. 


  • Ensure you are bringing all necessary items for hike (check pack list below). As well leave non- essentials behind or in the car. Snowshoe Tahoe is not responsible for lost or damaged items while out for the duration of the hike.

  • Use restroom before leaving home, No restroom facility is available at the meeting location.

* Pump yourself up!!! Your about to explore Tahoe’s National Forest!!!

Where We Meet For Snowshoeing

meeting location

Google Maps: 

meeting location

Detailed Packing List and Itinerary

what to wear snowshoeing

Absolutely magical experience! We have never done anything that has compared this. Very Unique

Robb (Nov 2021)

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