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Snowshoeing For Beginners: Join A Guided Tour For An Unforgettable Adventure

Guided Snowshoeing Tour at Lake Tahoe

Are you looking for a winter wonderland activity to get you out and active in those colder months? Are you bored with the beach and looking for some beautiful mountainside scenery? If so, then snowshoeing may be just the thing for you. Here is a guide to Snowshoeing For Beginners: Join A Guided Tour For An Unforgettable Adventure.


The Basics of Snowshoeing


Snowshoeing is a form of hiking through cold and snowy terrain practiced worldwide for thousands of years. While it may have originated in Central Asia almost 6,000 years ago, the traditional web-shaped snowshoes we use today originate in the Native American style they used in the northern reaches of North America. It is a famous pastime in Canada and is very popular in some of the more mountainous places in the United States, such as Lake Tahoe.


Snowshoeing does not require much special equipment. The primary item you need is snowshoes, which you can purchase or rent. An essential second item to bring is trekking poles. These specialized hiking sticks help you balance and walk safely in snowy terrain.


Beyond those two items, you should bring a backpack with the standard gear you would take on any wilderness hike. You should include water and snacks, a GPS device or map, a first-aid kit, and a multi-tool in your backpack. It is also essential to dress in warm layers if the weather turns bad while snowshoeing. These items cover the basics of snowshoeing.


Why Join a Guided Tour?


If you want to get the most out of your first snowshoeing adventure, you can join a guided tour. While the risks you face going snowshoeing alone are relatively small compared to many other outdoor activities, they are still there. Having an expert tour guide with you and others in your group to help and encourage you will help guarantee your safety and ease your mind from the stress of navigating this new activity independently. This assistance can be beneficial if you bring your family with you, as the extra help from the guides will allow you to enjoy the adventure instead of being focused on caring for your family members.


Joining a guided tour helps keep you safe and provides you with education. There's a lot that you can research on the Internet about going snowshoeing, but there are some things you have to learn by doing or by watching someone model for you. Having a live person right there to help you navigate the challenges, I'm choosing the right snowshoes, getting them fitted properly, and learning how to walk in them with the help of tracking poles and be done quicker and safer with a real experienced guide in front of you.


Sometimes, you don’t know what you see until someone explains it. Education about your surrounding area is another excellent reason to join a guided tour. For example, if you enter a guided tour at Lake Tahoe, the tour guide can help explain the formation of the landscape around you and how it has developed over time. They can help explain why the trail is in certain places and not others. You may also learn a lot about the history and culture of the people who once lived in that area and used snowshoeing as a regular means of travel.


What to Expect on a Guided Tour


On a guided tour, you can expect timing options during the morning and afternoon. Sometimes, they also provide evening tours. Since this is an outdoor activity, some guided tours allow dogs to participate. They do not need special equipment other than a good leash.


The tour guides know snowshoeing, safety measures, the area’s background, and where and when to take the best photos. They help you traverse the snowy terrain and safely move from one place to the next.


On a guided tour, you can expect beautiful landscapes: snow capped mountains, peaceful woodlands, and gentle lakes. You may also be fortunate to see some of the area’s wildlife. Your tour guide can help you identify it.


At Snowshoe Tahoe, we provide a range of tour options, knowledgeable guides, necessary equipment, beautiful scenery, and the opportunity for a personalized experience. Taking one of our guided tours is the best way to ensure your first experience with snowshoeing is safe and enjoyable for you and your group. Contact us today for more information about our guided snowshoeing tours at Lake Tahoe.


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