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Best Sunset Trails for Snowshoeing Tahoe

Sunset in Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe has sunset trails like none other on this planet; what better way to see them and take pictures than on a vast blanket of white snow, treading quickly and with stability with modern snowshoes? You’ll be able to get to snowy landscapes that car-laden hikers would never get to with regular boots. Snowshoes enable us to get to places that most people will never see.


Explore the most picturesque sunset trails by having Snowshoe Tahoe guide take you to all the spots only a local will know about, guiding you safely through it all. The changing colors of the sky reflecting on the white snow make for views of serene, quiet landscapes that look like the exact design for a photographer’s dreamscape. You will see hues of gold you never thought possible that you surely will not forget.


Why Choose Guided Sunset Snowshoeing Tours?

  • Unmatched Views: Our guides will show you prime locations for viewing majestic sunset vistas that shine down on Lake Tahoe and the surrounding peaks better than any projection on a screen can hope to mimic.

  • Safety at Dusk: Once daylight fades on the trail, it can get challenging if you don’t have much experience in the area. Our guides ensure a safe return once you’ve got every bit of the glorious setting of the California Sun.

  • Local Insights: The guides at Snowshoe Tahoe are in on all of the local lore you’d never know about if you took this adventure alone. We’ll point out the local flora and fauna so you walk away with eyes packed to the brim with beauty and a deep understanding of the natural life in Tahoe.


Top 3 Sunset Trails in Tahoe for Snowshoeing

  1. Chickadee Ridge: As the day comes to a close, Chickadee Ridge shows visitors an interesting full view of the lake, with the setting sun casting a myriad of shining colors across the sky.

  2. Palisades Point: People argue this is the best place to watch sunsets in Lake Tahoe. We’d make that argument as well. It’s an elevated vantage point unobstructed and perfect for taking photos of the sun falling below the horizon with a graceful, heroic flourish.

  3. Tahoe East Shore Trail: If you’re looking for something a bit less challenging to get to, providing a more accessible experience, the Tahoe East Shore Trail provides sunset seekers a gentle route along the Lake’s eastern shore, ideal for capturing the final rays illuminating the waters and mountains.


Local Attractions in Tahoe After Dark


Once we’re done helping you get those pictures few others will ever get, we recommend heading to the Fire Sign Cafe or the West Shore Cafe to have a meal and a drink to close the day in comfort.


Then, when you're full and satisfied, get out to some open vistas and do some stargazing. Tahoe, being so far from major cities, makes it a perfect place for a long-exposure photo of the sky.

Sunset Snowshoe Hike


Book Your Sunset Snowshoeing Adventure


Personally, witness the majesty of the best Tahoe sunsets with the advantage of snowshoes to take you to places few others can tread. With the right sort of inclination, you will get to see places that the snowpack has created that will never be there again. This makes for pictures of the sunset that will be truly unique.


Contact Snowshoe Tahoe to get a spot on a sunset snowshoeing tour that you will never forget by calling (530) 536-0608 or email You can also stop by our shop at 2456 River Road, Tahoe City, California, 96145, where adventures begin with a step into the enchanting snow.


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