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Best Sunrise Trails for Snowshoeing in Tahoe

Sunrise Snowshoe Hike Over Lake Tahoe

The sunrises over the shimmering Lake Tahoe are a sight no human can forget. When the first light breaks over the snow-capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the pristine snow-laden landscapes gleam with grandeur and remind us how serene nature can be when we simply look at it. However, getting up to the right spot in Winter can be tricky with just winter boots on; that’s where Snowshoe Tahoe comes in. We invite you to take a unique journey on trails few have seen by strapping on some snowshoes for your next hike to gaze at the sunrise.


Introduction Snowshoe Tahoe


Discover the grandeur of Lake Tahoe at dawn with our guides, who will take you to the best sunrise trails for snowshoeing one could imagine. Snowshoe Tahoe will lead you to spots for sunrise that will enumerate colors and hues only reserved for the select few who understand the importance of adventure. Greet the new day amidst nature’s glorious splendor.


Why Join a Guided Sunrise Snowshoeing Tour?


  • Spectacular Beginnings: Starting your day off with something as magnificent as the orange sherbert glow of a sunrise over Lake Tahoe will set a tone of harmony without fail for the rest of the day. Tahoe sunrises bring us and our customers a peace that we are honored to receive and share.

  • Expert Guidance: Navigating trails while the morning light is low can be difficult, especially when you’re trying to time your ascent right so that you see the sun first peek over the hills. Our guides will take you on a safe route to the top, ensuring you get there on time.

  • Local Knowledge:  With a flourish of knowledge about Tahoe’s thriving ecosystem, our guides will take you on a pleasant and educational scenic path.


Top Sunrise Trails for Snowshoeing


  • Mount Tallac Trail: This is possibly the best sunrise in Lake Tahoe. Mount Tallac provides a panoramic vantage point that rewards its hikers with a morning golden light to fill the eye.

  • Spooner Lake Loop: Spooner Lake Loop is a more gentle trail ideal for a laidback snowshoe up the side of a hill to a majestic sunrise to ease your mind and start your day off right.

  • Chickadee Ridge: As the name suggests, this is a great place to catch a glimpse of some chickadees. The birds flock during sunrise and will even eat from your hand with an offer of some food.


Local Gems and Morning Activities in Tahoe


  • Breakfast Spots: After Your Adventure, enjoy a satiating breakfast at our local restaurants like the Tahoe House Bakery & Gourmet or the Old Post Office Coffee Shop, where warm beverages and treats will fill your heart.

  • Wildlife Watching: An early morning sunrise is the perfect setting for spotting Tahoe’s wildlife. You’ll see serene squirrels alongside stately deer starting their day off under the warming sun.

  • Photography Opportunities: If you’re looking to get a picture that nobody else on social media has, use our snowshoes to get to places simple boots will never grant the average photographer. You’ll be able to get on top of snow hills so that the purple light of the sunrise will reflect off the blanket of snow right up to your lens.


Book Sunrise with Snowshoe Tahoe


Prepped for a gorgeous sunrise in Tahoe? Contact Snowshoe Tahoe to witness a sunrise snowshoeing tour by calling (530) 536-0608 or email You can also stop by our shop at 2456 River Road, Tahoe City, California, 96145, where we’ll get you fitted to begin your unforgettable journey.


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